#LibertyEU: Nikola Voštinić in Slovenia

LIBERTY EU is an exciting international arts programme exploring and celebrating freedom. Led by ArtReach, and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, this project brings together 12 cultural partners from 10 European countries, partners with passion and commitment. During the time of three years, the artist had the oportunity to visit many countries, to learn and get to know eachother through art.

Nikola Voštinić, artist from Serbia had the oportunity to visit Slovenia during the Liberty EU project.

Why and how did you sign up for Liberty EU callout?

I applied for the Liberty Project thanks to my colleagues from Reflektor Teatar, wishing to gain some experience and knowledge in the field of pedagogy outside the borders of my country.

Which organization hosted you? What were you doing there?

The Center E8 from Belgrade and the Kaleidoskop from Ljubljana.

What were you doing there?

My colleague Ziva Selan from Slovenia and I together came up with a program for participants younger than 15 years. The emphasis was on practicing concentration and trust, all through body improvisations.

What was most impressive for you doing the collaboration?

The greatest impression was left by those who were willing to bond and share with others, allow themselves to make mistakes, and strengthen their intuition in group tasks.

Have you learned something new? Would you repeat this experience? Do you recomend it?

After this experience my willingness to work with children became even stronger and I would highly recommend this program to all of my colleagues who want to broaden their experience and meet some new people who will change them and give them a chance to exchange knowledge about theatre.

You can meet the Liberty EU programme and see artist portfolios on the official site http://liberty-eu.com/.


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